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Learn how to track, trace and investigate cryptocurrency transactions and/or crypto crimes.

What you’ll learn

The basics of cryptocurrency, what it is and how it works

How Dark Web marketplaces and cryptocurrencies work together

Understand blockchain technology and how to spot illicit activity

How crypto can be used in legitimate and illicit activities

Real-world investigation tactics and tools to analyze crypto crimes

Earn the credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator

Best Value

Full Crypto Investigator Course

Take all 5 modules and pass the final exam to earn the credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.


5 Modules – 8 Hours – $999

Crypto Investigator Course Content

Module 1: Intro to Cryptocurrency

Covers the basics of fiat, virtual and cryptocurrencies and how it is used in legal and illegal manners.

Learn about the many different types of cryptocurrency. Lays the foundation for law enforcement, financial institutions and financial crimes investigators to gain a firm and vital understanding of what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and how it can be used in both legitimate and illicit activities.

Module 2: The Bitcoin Trail

Explores the most dominate cryptocurrency and how related criminal activity is investigated.

Explores who invented Bitcoin, and the reasons why and how it is being used. Delves into cryptocurrency mining, common criminal schemes where bitcoin is used, and how Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance professionals and law enforcement investigate related criminal activity using advanced analytical tools.

Module 3: The Dark Web

Overview of the part of the internet commonly used by criminals and their criminal enterprises.

Students learn of additional crimes where cryptocurrency is involved, how criminals use peer-to-peer exchanges, and little-known real-world investigation tips.

Module 4: Cryptocurrency and the Criminal Element

Reveals the criminal element of cryptocurrency and how to identify and track the evidence left behind.

Students are introduced to insights that are crucial to investigators, such as how dark web marketplaces and cryptocurrencies work together and how they translate into the physical world.

Module 5: Blockchain Forensics

Explores blockchain technology and analytical tools for investigating crypto crimes.

Students enhance their ability to identify the proper investigative tactics related to crime involving cryptocurrency, and gain an understanding of how blockchains work and the pseudo-anonymous nature of cryptocurrency, giving investigators the ability to efficiently and quickly analyze the data to spot illicit activity and/or support criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Designed by Investigators for Investigators

Robert Whitaker

Chief Operating Officer

Robert served in law enforcement for 23 years, including as a Supervisory Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), where he oversaw the program responsible for cryptocurrency investigations, training, equipment, analytical support, and investigative methodologies needed by HSI special agents worldwide. Robert is a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Teresa Anaya


Teresa has over 25 years experience focused on fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing investigations, including for the FDIC after the financial crisis of 2008, and for Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of America and others. As Project Manager at Bank of America, she worked to develop a proprietary Know Your Customer (KYC) suite of applications. Teresa is ITIL 3 Certified, a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Featured Reviews

Excellent course content and very informative. This course will provide you with the requisite knowledge and tools to conduct any cryptocurrency investigation. It is a must for all financial investigators and compliance professionals.

Thomas E. Manifase CFE, CAMS

Executive Director, Investigations at Morgan Stanley Corporate Security

This course offers insights in how cryptocurrency can be used to launder money that is different than traditional banking (fiat) ways. I believe AML professionals can benefit from this course.

Perry Wong, AVP - Citi - APAC

AML Global Investigation Unit

Great course, from the basics to applicable investigative techniques. Can’t wait for the Ethereum module to come online

Mario Duron, CCI

BSA FCB and AML Analyst - BanescoUSA

This course provides so much value for any investigator that is just starting in cryptocurrency and is still extremely useful for those that have been in the cryptocurrency field for a long time. The course material touched on subject matter directly related to day to day investigations of suspicious activity, including the Darknet, Bitcoin transaction details and AML typologies. The video tutorials were smooth and made understanding the technical portions a breeze. This course has set the standard for anyone looking to get into the crytpcorrency compliance field.

Stephen Brent Sargeant, CAMS, CBP, CCI

Law Enforcement & Anti-Money Laundering Investigations - Bitfinex

New type of currencies inevitably means new types of risks, BIG’s training provides the necessary basis to start your compliance journey in the field of cryptocurrencies

Fabian Courtine, CCI

Compliance Officer, Swiss Bank

This is a really greate course, Alot of great information for those wanting to dig deeper into understanding cryptocurrencices and especially understanding how to investigate them.

Talmadge Henderson, CPA, CFE,CCI, CBE

Ernst and Young - Forencsics

Great course, I highly recommend!

Peter J. Warrack, CAMS, CBP, CFE, CCI

Chief Compliance Officer - Bitfinex

Tracing, tracking and monitoring cryptocurrency crimes are a must-have skills for contemporary compliance professionals. This well-structured course introduces learners to blockchain fundamentals before deep-diving into the world crypto crimes.
As the banking sector gets disrupted, new trends in financial crime are emerging. This course addresses such risks resulting from cryptocurrencies. The course is delivered in a very practical way both from law enforcement and financial services practitioners’ perspectives. Great facilitators who have wealth of experience both in law enforcement and banking sector.

Samuel Kiragu, CAMS, CPA, CCI

Regulatory Compliance Instructor, Nova Scotia Community College, Halifax

I have completed all 5 modules and found them to be very informative. The content and videos are presented in a very easy to understand manner. I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues in compliance.

Aun Maken, CAMS, CFCS, CCI

Manager, Enhanced Due Diligence Unit at Scotiabank

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You can purchase individual modules instead of the full course

Module 1

Intro To Cryptocurrency

1 Hour – $199

Module 2

The Bitcoin Trail

1 Hour – $199

Module 3

Cryptocurrency and the criminal element

 2 Hours – $299

Module 4

The Dark Web

2 Hours – $399

Module 5

Blockchain Forensics

2 Hours – $399

All 5 Modules

Crypto Investigator Course Package

8 Hours – $999


General Question:

Will there be a test for each module? Or a final test at the end of all the modules?

Both. There are multiple lessons in each module, and at the end of each lesson there is a short quiz. Then, at the end of each module there is a test. Finally, at the end of all the modules there is a final test, which is the test you need to pass to earn the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.

Does taking the Cryptocurrency Investigator Certification Course or earning the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator require above average knowledge of computer programming or technicalities?

Not at all. The only technical abilities needed are being able to view and click on webpages.

Tech Question:

Internet Connection ?

Your Internet connection speed for playing and streaming videos should be at least 512 Kbps.

To test your Internet speed, visit and review your results.

Internet Browser?

Users should have one of the following browser versions installed to access course content/play videos:
-Google Chrome 64 or higher (Recommended Browser)
-Firefox 58 or higher
-Internet Explorer 11 or higher
-Safari 10 or higher
-Opera 50
Cryptocurrency Training Academy requires a JavaScript-enabled browser. If you encounter any difficulty with elements displaying on the site (i.e. video players, log in forms, etc.), you may have security software or browser plug-ins/extensions blocking the playback or scripting. Try temporarily disabling your security software as a test, or configure your security software to allow playback, cookies, and JavaScript from domains Cryptocurrency Training Academy platform uses.

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